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Kindergarten at ICS offers an exciting first year to your child's formal education. It provides a comprehensive and developmental approach to a solid, researched-based education. Providing your child and the Right Start is our goal!


Language Arts: Our curriculum is a balanced literacy approach to phonics, reading, writing, and English. It delivers a well-balanced curriculum to ensure your child the opportunities to succeed and build a strong base of readiness skills including; letter recognition, letter sounds, decoding and blending words, phonemic and phonological awareness, penmanship, creative writing, basic grammar skills, comprehension skills and written word awareness. 

Math: The math curriculum combines the use of many varied manipulatives with pencil and paper activities. Your child is introduced to numbers up to 100. Lessons include number order, counting items correctly (one-to-one correspondence) telling time, recognizing and counting coins, fractions, addition, subtraction, word problems, patterns, and task performance activities.

Science: Children are introduced to scientific literacy. National and state standards have created a base for our curriculum. Our studies include beginning lessons from the Earth, Physical and Life sciences.

Social Studies: Your child will explore the world around them through the use of a weekly newsletter, Weekly Social Studies. Children enjoy lessons about individuals, cultures, and communities. 

Religion: Our faith comes alive at ICS, not only in religion class but also in every aspect of our day. Morals and values are modeled and incorporated into every subject and experience of the school-day. Each day we study our faith in religion class. The writings and teachings of Pope John Paul II are the base of this curriculum. It focuses on the dignity of life with an emphasis on God and creation. Kindergarten students also attend the Atrium where they experience the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program with a hands-on approach to our faith.

Along with the above curriculum, your child will be offered physical education, music, and technology. Smart Boards, flat screens, computers, and iPads are all a daily part of your child's education. Kindergarten participates in The Art Presenter Program offered by the Buchanan Art Center. Your child will also receive educational programs from the Warren County Library, Ag in the Classroom and Junior Achievement.